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We've modernized and redesigned the web site to make it more attractive and usable to residents. A few of the categories have moved around, but most everything is still here. For example, the Residents Directory is under the Search tab at the top. We hope you like it!

Free Talk on West Annapolis Geology,
"What's Under West Annapolis? A Record of Climate Change "
Wed., Dec. 10, 7 pm, 103 Annapolis Street, Annapolis   tel. 443-995-8978, Geologist Don Mullis
West Annapolis Heritage Partnership (WAHP) at Wimsey Cove Maps & Art
As revealed in the geology and environmental setting of West Annapolis, this is not just a 21st Century Phenomenon. This is one of a series of presentations on the history of West Annapolis offered by WAHP, a collaboration among the civic and business groups of Wardour and West Annapolis. Don Mullis, Principal Geologist with the environmental consulting firm Tetra Tech, has over 25 years experience with the local geology of Maryland. A specialist in geomorphology, Don recently assisted Anne Arundel County archaeologists with the Lost Towns Project to understand the geomorphological setting of Pig Point, one of the most important archaeological sites in Maryland. A graduate of the University of Maryland, he spent two years in Kenya East Africa as a "Shallow Wells Water Project Coordinator" prior to beginning his career as a environmental consultant. Don enjoys working with local communities to help them understand how geology is a critical component of our daily lives and our ever changing environment. WAHP undertakes research on the history of Wardour and West Annapolis, an area patented in 1650 to the first sheriff of Anne Arundel County which ultimately became incorporated as the Village of West Annapolis in 1890. Through support from the Four Rivers Heritage Area, it created a traveling exhibit, Finding Our Roots on Annapolis Street and a brochure, Walking the Village of West Annapolis. In 2015, it will be completing a biography of Luther Giddings and a History of the Street Names.

Santa is coming to West Annapolis Elementary…on a fire truck! Sunday, December 14th @ 5:45pm
(more info)
Calling all kids & kids‐at‐heart! Please help by bringing a New Toy as a donation for local charities. He has a lot of people to visit so don’t be late or you’ll miss the big guy! Following Santa: Sunday, December 14th @ 6:15pm Come join neighbors to fa‐la‐la and share some holiday cheer. Carolers (with words) meet at 6:15 pm at WAES school. Bring flashlights and jingle bells. Following caroling, at 7:15 pm, there will be a community bonfire at Wardour Beach. Pizza and drinks provided. Desserts to share are welcome! Questions: Stacy Canuel

The WACA board decided to encourage residents to rely more heavily on our neighborhood Facebook page, reachable by clicking the "f" icon at the bottom left of every page here. Other tools like the old Yahoo systems will continue as residents desire, but we expect a gradual migration toward Facebook for residents wishing to alert one another to events and issues. For the old Yahoo Group click to join and Heidi Petras will confirm your registration. She also administers the neighborhood Dinner Club Group.

2015 Dues
. Please Join WACA to support your civic association with your voluntary WACA dues, and make ours a cohesive & vital neighborhood.

The New Main Library
. The Anne Arundel County Library board of trustees and County Council will be deciding among several sites for a new, enlarged replacement for the library on West Street. In fact, the Board has announced its decision in favor of the current West Street location.

The County Council must still approve the final choice. If you would like place a sign in your yard supporting the present location, please contact Deirdre Ralph.

Hello West Annapolis Foodies!
If you would like to join the WA Cooking Club, please let me know and I will sent you an invite.  It's time to begin the 11th year of our club!  We all share a passion for food, both cooking (hopefully!) and eating it!  Here's to a year of adventurous cuisines and gourmet ingredients!

Let me know if you would like to host this year. So far the following months are booked:   September - Ari and Kevin Blankhorn     October -  Heidi and Steve Petras   Months still open: May, June, July, August, November, December I am looking into a wine tasting for us at Wine Cellars of Annapolis - any other ideas? Thanks and look forward to seeing you all soon! - Heidi Petras, 105 Tolson Street

Fun challenge results!
We were looking for a replacement for the logo at the top left of this screen (which we had ripped off from the Western Australia Cricket Association.) Imagine our delight when Jan Eden, out of the blue, dived into the task and created the logo you see there now! Our great thanks go to him for his contribution to our neighborhood.

Rolling Recycle Bin
. Get 'em while they're hot! One new bin is issued free to Annapolis citizens who can prove residency with a water bill. Pick up at Public Works on Spa Road. Dog Poop: We love dogs but some need an occasional reminder about their droppings. Not only must we pick up & bag their droppings, we must deposit those bags in our own trash, not a neighbor's.

Keep an eye out and, if necessary, give gentle reminders of a need for responsibility. Let's help keep it possible to walk dogs without creating a feeling that dogs are a problem. They need our help, our love, and our best behavior.

News items:

Wardour/West Annapolis Marching Song
. Lyrics and music by Bill Douglas, arranged by Ellie Pline. Watch Video.

Peddlers, Fact and Fiction
. There's been much talk in our community about door-to-door peddlers, permits and badges, and concerns about annoyance and security. Contacting Chief Pristoop and DNEP Director Maria Broadbent, it turns out that much of what we thought is true about City law, is not true at all.
This ordinance controls peddlers in Annapolis. Only one certificate of exemption and zero licenses, have been issued. Those exempt are supposed to file exemption statements but few do and this appears not to be enforced.
Fiction: "All door-knockers must be licensed."  Some sellers of tangible goods must be, but very few knockers must be licensed because allowable exceptions are very broad. For example, Those not selling anything are allowed. (political, religious, surveys ...) Selling services, as distinguished from tangible merchandise, is allowed. (yard work ...) Selling tangible merchandise for future delivery is allowed. (magazines ....) Selling perishable foods produced by the seller is allowed. (waterman-caught crabs ...) Non-profit organizations are allowed. (501c3 charities, Girl Scouts, school fund raising ...) "Sellers must display a badge or permit." No, nothing is required to be displayed.

In summary, hardly any door knockers are violating the law if they are doing what they say they are doing. However, suspicious persons should be reported to the police, for example if there is reason to believe they are posing as a seller to case a house for burglary. City staff are working on an ordinance update and Kurt Riegel is interested in your suggestions.

WACA Election Results, 2013-2014.
     President -- Mike Christman      Vice President, Membership -- Kurt Riegel      Treasurer -- Deidre Ralph      Corresponding Secretary -- Kristy Myers      Recording Secretary -- Jenn Macris      At-large members: Geoff Riefe, Lorna Cockrell, Erica Hoffman, Kurt Johanson

Directory of Residents
. Handy for facilitating social interactions among neighbors. You must list yourself in order to obtain logon credentials to view our neighborhood directory of West Annapolis residents. List/revise your entry at any time using the form provided.

Protect Our Trees. English ivy can cause structural and health problems if it's allowed to climb tree trunks. It traps leaves, debris and water and can cause stress and disease. Ivy vines trap winter ice loads of hundreds or thousands of additional pounds that break limbs or even fell the tree. Clip ivy vines at the tree base to cut off vine nutrients. Leave the cut vines on the tree since pulling them down can harm the tree – they'll die and disappear over the next year. Poison ivy often hides in English ivy, so wear gloves.

Generator Etiquette when power fails during severe storm events.

Please remind children to wear helmets when riding bikes and scooters.  It's the law for kids under 16.

Please send news, text and/or images, for posting on this web site to Kurt Riegel