Tucker Street Boat Ramp Project

The City recently allocated funds for improvements to the Tucker Street Boat ramp. (See attached figures.) The plans include an expanded boat launch with a concrete ramp, a kayak launch, and an ADA floating dock that will improve water accessibility for neighbors with mobility challenges. As is the case now, the area will continue to be designated a street-end park, available for use by all City residents, not just West Annapolis residents.

One point of concern that has been almost universally expressed by neighbors is that there is currently no enforcement of the rule that Tucker Street is for use by City residents only, which often results in excess traffic, crowds and trash. After exploring this a bit, we learned that there are no enforcement provisions for Tucker Street currently written into the City Code, which means that enforcement defaults to the police department. I think we can all agree that our police have more important tasks at the moment than checking licenses at Tucker Street, unless of course there is something illegal or unsafe going on, in which case the police should be called immediately.

As a long-term solution to the enforcement problem, City Attorney Ashley Leonard is currently working on a City Code revision that would authorize the Harbormaster to enforce the rules at Tucker Street. This will require either a human permit-checker or a gate that restricts access to those who have proven residence and purchased a permit/keycard. Neighbor Ryan Parker provided some photos of a gate that is currently in use to restrict access to a street end boat ramp in Ocean City to give us an idea of what could be. Photos of the gate are attached for your review.

Harbormaster Beth Bellis has asked WACA to provide feedback on the overall design of the proposed improvements and also on the idea of a gate. She noted that some residents may find the gate unsightly, so that is something to consider: aesthetics vs. ease of enforcement.

Would you please take a few moments to consider Tucker Street? Specifically, we're interested in knowing what people think of the size and scope of the improvements. Are these improvements that neighbors would like to see? Do you have any concerns about adding these features to Tucker Street? What are people's thoughts on a human permit checker vs. a gate? You can email feedback to rebecca.brenia@gmail.com or to any WACA Board member listed below. I would like to have the feedback compiled by Thursday, September 10, so please respond before then.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and to consider developments in our community. We're crossing our fingers that WACA will be able to gather in person again soon. Until then, we're looking forward to seeing you around the neighborhood.

All the best,
Rebecca Brenia, on behalf of the West Annapolis Civic Association
Heidi Petras, VP Membership, hipetras@gmail.com
John Goodburn, VP Committees, gdbrn760@gmail.com
Dierdre Ralph, Treasurer, ralphdierdre@gmail.com
Jon Goebel, Recording Secretary, jgoebel14@gmail.com
Teresa Christenson, Corresponding Secretary, teresaco235@gmail.com
Brian Lease, At Large, brian.lease@me.com
Mark Peck, At Large, markryanpeck@gmail.com
Chris Burgess, At Large, chrisburg23@gmail.com
Chip Seymour, At Large, seymour65@comcast.net
Doug Greenwell, Development Committee Chair, drgreenwell101@gmail.com

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  Last revised   October 26, 2020