Neighborhood Watch Ideas

A small West Annapolis Neighborhood Watch  committee (Chip Seymour, Molly Smith, Nick Peters, and Earl Diamond) feels that a "keep-it-simple" Neighborhood Watch Program for West Annapolis is the way to go.  If anyone in the WACA Association feels that more is needed than what is described below, that would be fine but that person (or others) needs to be ready to manage it.

This is what we think is necessary to increase the awareness of our neighbors and in so doing have everyone take actions necessary to increase the safety of this great neighborhood of ours:

TIPS follow:

NOTE:  Molly Smith attended a briefing (16 January 2012) by the Annapolis Police Department (APD) and reports:

I made it to the NWatch meeting - not much to report but I did remember in the course of the presentation that we (I think) forgot to mention in our list of precautions for residents to make and keep a list of serial numbers - they can be VERY helpful in identifying stolen goods and connecting incidents - not to mention reuniting articles to their owners. They are going to make their power point presentation available to us which covered Do's, Don't and Precautions. (nothing really different from what we have) the point they stressed the most was DO NOT WAIT to report a problem  - time is of the essence.  Next NW meeting at the APD. April 10th 6pm.  I will offer myself up to be a contact for Wardour - but please call me AFTER you have contacted the APD 410-268-4141.

– Chip Seymour

  Last revised   April 24, 2016