Where and What is 'West Annapolis' ?

Officially, West Annapolis comprises all land north of the yellow roads above, bounded toward the north by the waters of Weems Creek and the Severn River. The area of the West Annapolis Civic Association's purview is roughly indicated by the light green shading in the map.

Neigbors in abutting areas, such as Wardour to the north, of course share Weems Creek and the Severn River with us, and many other interests and activities. WACA always welcomes Wardour residents to our events and activities, even though the Wardour Improvement Association seldom welcomes us ... but we remain ever hopeful.

We are primarily a residential neighborhood, with an elementary school and a number of businesses mostly on Forbes St, Ridgely Ave, and Annapolis St.

  Last revised   April 24, 2016