WACA Governance

WACA Board of Directors Meetings.

Meetings of the officers and board. (No information at present on a regular meeting time.. Members are welcome to attend for information, to alert the board to issues of importance, and to consider future involvement as a board member or officer themselves. Contact any board member to confirm where/when the next meeting will occur.)

WACA Bylaws


President   Jon Goebel   jgoebel14@gmail.com
VP Membership   Heidi Petras   hipetras@gmail.com
VP Committees   John Goodburn   gdbrn760@gmail.com
Recording Secretary   Rebecca Brenia   rebecca.brenia@gmail.com
Corresponding Secretary   Teresa Christenson   teresac0236@gmail.com
Treasurer   Deirdre Ralph      ralphdeirdre@gmail.com
    Brian Lease   brian.lease@me.com
    Mark Peck   markryanpeck@gmail.com
    Brian Becker   bobecker94@gmail.com
    Sheila Golden   sgolden5203@gmail.com
    Chip Seymour   seymour65@comcast.net
    Erin Appel/Martz   erin.appel@capitol-strategies.com

Beautification Committee coordinates with the city to improve parks and greenscape areas. Team explores grants to help with costs and holds an annual Greenscape Day to mulch, weed, and plant. .Deirdre Ralph and Mark Peck

Communication Committee manages the WAC facebook page, community emails, and signage around town to help get the word out about upcoming events and other relevant information. Heidi Petras and Teresa Christenson

Mobility Committee works as a liaison with the city to improve sidewalks, walkways, traffic patterns, and bike paths. Rebecca Brenia and Chip Seymour

Social Committee plans and executes entertaining events throughout the year for adults, kis, and families. Brian Becker and John Goodburn

Development Committee communicates with developers and the West Annapolis businesses to update residents about commercial and residential construction and new businesses opening in the community. Sheila Golden and Erin Appel


Minutes, Reports and Resources

- 2014 Minutes February
- 2012 Minutes November
- 2012 Minutes April
- 2012 Minutes January
- 2011 June Newsletter
- Building Blocks for Change in the Weems Creek Watershed, Project Report (Microsoft Word doc)



  Last revised   July 10, 2022